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Yumm! Sweets and Eats



Pizza Poppers

Lightly fried pizza dough bites drizzled with garlic infused olive oil, parmesan and basil


Macho Nacho

Crispy tortilla chips covered in queso, topped with grilled shaved ribeye, fresh pico, avocado, sour cream and jalapeños


Cheesy Breadsticks

Pizza dough topped with a blend of melted cheeses, garlic and herbs. Served with marinara.


Loaded Totchos

Fried tater tots covered in queso, bacon, cheddar, green onion, sour cream and ranch.


Onion Rings

Crispy delicious hand breaded onion rings served with ranch.


Mozzarella Cheese Bites

Homemade fried mozzarella cheese wedges served with marinara.


Jalapeño Bombs

Jalapeños stuffed with savory cream cheese, bacon, cheddar and green onions, served with ranch for dipping.


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